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Stanwood High School Advisory is a program designed to help students develop skills for the classroom, plan for life after high school, and help them complete their culminating project.

Each student is assigned an advisor in 9th grade and remains with that advisor for four years. Students new to SHS will be assigned an advisor when they enroll. This advisor meets with their students throughout the year and will guide them through the components of the culminating project. The project consists of a program called Navigation 101, the creation of a student portfolio, and the senior presentation. Parents should contact advisors if they have questions regarding their student's progression and completion of the project. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the student to complete all parts of the project from grades 9-12. If the project is not completed, the student will not graduate.

Student advisors are listed on a student's class schedule as period 9. If you would like to contact your student’s advisor directly, please use the Contact Us tab to the left. You will find the teacher's email address under the staff directory. You are encouraged to discuss any concerns with the advisor as you would do for any class.