Stanwood High School offers a limited number of parking locations on campus.  Please read the information below on purchasing a parking permit.



These requirements must be followed before we can accept your registration form.

·      Fill out attached form and have parent/ guardian read and sign.  Forms must be completely filled out prior to registration, including parent signature and vehicle information. 



Permits will not be held without complete registration.  Telephone reservations will not be accepted to reserve permits.  WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT PAYMENTS AT THE PAYMENT WINDOWS IN THE COMMONS BEFORE SCHOOL, DURING LUNCHES, AND AFTER SCHOOL .  Any part of the registration requirements that are forged, expired, etc. will result in forfeit of the student’s parking permit for the school year. 



Student automobiles are for transportation to and from school. They will not be driven during school hours without permission of a parent/guardian. The parking lot is closed during the school day. Students are not to be in the parking lot for any reason without permission of a school official.  Students may not “hangout” or sit in their vehicles during the school day including during lunch.

Stanwood High School is a closed campus. Parking lots will remain locked during school hours. There are designated parking spots for running start students, students that have official late arrival or early release, and students that have a parental/guardian excuse cleared through the attendance office. All other students must park in the locked parking areas.

Stanwood High School has four parking lots for SHS students; the Stadium Lot, Upper Ag Lot and the Lower Ag Lot are used for general student parking. These are locked during the school day. The “Green Lot” is used for students with partial-day class schedules, i.e., Running Start students. The Green Lot is a gravel lot which may not accommodate ‘low suspension’ vehicles. If a student has a ‘low suspension’ vehicle, and they choose to not park in that lot, they may have to park in one of the public parking areas along the streets near the high school. If a student changes their schedule to a partial-day after the school year begins and the Green Lot is at capacity, they may not be able to have their parking permit exchanged for a Green Lot Permit.

1.     Parking permits cost $20.

2.     Permits will be issued starting the last week of August.

3.     When applying for their permit, the student must provide a copy of his/her license, insurance, and register their car(s) to the permit.


4.     Students must have their permit placed inside vehicle on driver's side front window (lower left corner) while parked on campus. If the student has a permit and it is not in the proper location, they will receive a ticket and risk possible loss of their parking privileges.

5.     Students cannot sell or give their permit to another student. Students that do sell or give away their permit will be found in violation of school rules and that will have an impact on receiving permits in the future.

6.     If a student loses their permit, they will be issued a temporary pass for 5 days. When the 5 days are complete, the student must purchase a new $20 permit.

7.     Common parking violations resulting in a $20 fine:

a.    Not parking in a designated parking spot provided for student use (fire lane, handicap spot, staff parking area, visitor parking, Church Creek Parking areas).

b.    Parking in more than one spot.

c.     Selling or giving away your permit

d.    Parking on campus without a permit or without a permit clearly visible in the vehicle windshield. 

8.     Parking permits may be revoked due to disciplinary action without the possibility of refund or reinstatement.



Student needs to leave school early for an appointment or other reason—

·  Parent/ guardian should send a note with the student when they go to school in the morning

·  Student takes the note to the attendance office before school and receives a temporary parking permit for the visitor lot.

·  Student checks out of the attendance office at the appointed time to leave. 

·  If it is a non-planned departure (sick student, family emergency, etc.) the student must check out at the attendance office and have parent permission to leave.  Campus security will open the gate once this take place. 

Student arrives late to school after the gates are locked—

·  The student must check in at the attendance office and receive a temporary permit to park in the visitor parking area. 



1st thru 5th Ticket   $20 parking ticket (Students will not be issued a warning ticket)

Beginning with 6th Ticket   Referral to administrator for willful disobedience.  Discipline may be assigned by the administrator

All future tickets   $20 parking ticket


All parking tickets must be paid before seniors will be allowed to participate in high school graduation his/her senior year.  Diplomas and transcripts may be held for unpaid tickets/ fines.  All tickets must be paid in the main office at the high school.