AP Classes 2021


 AP Exam
 Date of Test
 US History
 Wed 5/19/2021      
 Euro History
 Wed 5/19/2021   9:00am  
 Macro Econ
  Wed 5/19/2021  1:00pm  
 English Lang
 Wed 5/26/2021
 Thur 5/27/2021
 Comp Gov
 Fri 5/28/2021
 Micro Econ
 Fri 5/28/2021  1:00pm  
 Calc AB & BC
 Wed 6/9/2021
 Chemistry   Thur 6/10/2021  9:00am  
 Statistics   Thur 6/10/2021  1:00pm  

AP Exams will be DIGITAL ONLY in home exams for all of
Stanwood Camano

The dates to pay LATE with a late fee of $40 are:
February 22, 2021 - March 5, 2021

Test will be $95+40 late fee= $135 per test

Payments will be taken at SHS Main Office 7am-2:45pm M-F

If you have free/reduced lunch, please contact Cyndie Hutchison at chutchison@stanwood.wednet.edu

Students need to:
Register with The College Board and Join your AP class - contact your teacher for the AP class join code

Contact The College Board directly if you are having account problems.