AP Classes 2022-2023


 AP Exam
 Date of Test

 US History
Friday May 5, 2023      
 Euro History
Friday May 5, 2023
 English Lit
Wednesday May 3, 2023    
 English Lang
Tuesday May 9, 2023
Wednesday May 10, 2023
 Environmental Science
Tuesday May 2, 2023    
 Comp Gov
Wednesday May 3, 2023 
 Calc AB & BC
Monday May 8, 2023 
 Chemistry Monday May 1, 2023     
 Statistics Thursday May 4, 2023     

Pay at the SHS main office M-F, 7am - 2:45pm
$97 per exam if ordered by October 4th, 2022
(checks payable to SHS)
Additional $40 fee per test if ordered late up until March 1st, and there is no penalty for cancellation before March 1st

Note: AP Fee Reduction for students who meet eligibility criteria: $0 if ordered by TBD

Please contact Christy Headrick at [email protected] for details.

Students need to:
Register with The College Board and Join your AP class - contact your teacher for the AP class join code

Contact The College Board directly if you are having account problems.