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Drama Classes

Drama 1 and 2

This class is currently offered first and second periods. This curriculum is designed to serve the student interested in performing live theatre. The semester courses will take students through acting, improvisation, pantomime, voice and diction, and elements of technical theatre. The curriculum satisfies the Washington State essential learnings, embraces the philosophy and rationales for drama/theatre presented in the National Theatre Curriculum Guide, and it subscribes to the four goals of drama/theatre education:

  1. develop internal and external personal resources
  2. create drama/theatre through artistic collaboration
  3. relate drama/theatre to its social context
  4. form aesthetic judgments

Helpful PDFs for students enrolled in the class:

Vocabulary words without pictures: glossary_of_theatre_terms



Extra credit!


Into the Woods assignment:


The Reduced Shakespeare Assignment:


Drama 3 and 4

This class is being offered first period.

This curriculum is designed to be the continuation of beginning drama classes and should serve the student interested in theatre as a profession or students who wish to further their education in the discipline.

The semester courses will take students through drama history, varieties of drama, elements of technical theatre, and further the students' abilities in improvisation, pantomime, voice and diction,and acting. The class will culminate with an evening production of one-act plays.

Along with new exercises and scenes, there are many activities which are repeated from the beginning drama classes; but the students will be held to a higher standard of performance.


Technical Theatre

This class is not being offered for the 2021-2022 school year.

This curriculum is designed to explore all aspects of technical theatre including lights, sound, make - up, set design and construction, and rigging.