Who should you contact?

Do you have a question and aren’t sure who to ask?  Here are the staff members you need to contact to get answers to your questions.

504 plans – contact your child’s counselor

Activities – Carolyn Coombs

Advisory – Carolyn Coombs

ASB – Carolyn Coombs

Athletics – Tom Wilfong

Attendance office – Karen McCurry

Attendance officer – Zach Ward

Becca Bill process – Zach Ward

Booster Club – Tom Wilfong & Carolyn Coombs

Career & Technical Education - Ross Short

Clubs – Carolyn Coombs

College Visits – contact your child's counselor

Counselors – appointments can be set up by contacting Christy Headrick ([email protected])

Course Catalog – Counseling Center or on the SHS website under the "Students" tab

Credit Retrieval – contact your child’s counselor

Crisis Plan – Carolyn Coombs

Discipline issues – contact your child’s administrator

Facility Rentals – Carolyn Coombs (classrooms, PAC, Commons), Tom Wilfong and Lauren Amundson (gyms, fields)

Family Access – Renee Herigstad

Graduation – Christine Del Pozo

Health-related information – Heather Schutza

High School and Beyond Plans (Required for graduation) - Christine Del Pozo or counselors

Individual Educational Plan (IEP) – Jennifer Zill and Chris Bartness

Link Crew – Jeanne Kelly, Bryan Olsen, Tom Wilfong

Online Courses – Christine Del Pozo (Stanwood High School) or Ryan Pike (Lincoln Hill High School)

Parent/Guardian Newsletters – Carol Upton

Schedule Changes – pick up form in the counseling center

Student Access – Renee Herigstad

Student handbook questions – contact your child’s administrator

Student Parking – Zach Ward/Ross Short

Student Senate – Carolyn Coombs

Student Work Permits – Renee Herigstad

Suspension issues – contact your child’s administrator

Testing (SAT/PSAT/ASVAB/AP) – Counseling center

Volunteer opportunities – Carol Upton or Wendy Fox