Health & Fitness

SHS Health & Fitness Classes:

1. P.E. Website: Check out the new Stanwood High School Physical Education site!! Look for your fitness scores. See how you compare with other PE students your age, and access important PE information.

2.9th Grade Health:

9th Grade Health


9th Grade Health

***Click the following link for the "Above the Stress" Template:

Above the Stress Computer Lab

***Click the following link for the "Anger Cartoon" Template:

Anger cartoon Computer Lab


Need help with a health-related issue?

Facing alcohol or drug addiction? Worried about a friend? Feeling stressed, depressed, or having suicidal thoughts? Have unhealthy eathing habits? Suffer from abuse issues?????? Then you can:

Click here for help from Stanwood Resources and more

Want to take a survey?

Click here for any and all of these surveys:

-How is Your self-Esteem?

-What is Your Learning Style? and...

-More on Your Learning Styles

-How Vulnerable Are You to Stress?

-Are You Suffering From Clinical Depression?

-How Do You Like to Receive Affection?

-How Assertive Are You?

-Are You Too Aggressive (Angry)?

-Are You a Good Communicator?

-How Empathetic Are You?


Upper Level P.E. Classes


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