Mission, Philosophy, & Theory of Action

SHS Mission:

Learning is a lifelong process.  The Mission of Stanwood High School is to provide students with the basics needed to become independent learners.  Stanwood High School should be a source of pride within the community through a commitment to excellence in all phases of Academic, Athletic, Activity and Art programs.

 SHS Philosophy:
We believe in a well-balanced AAAA educational philosophy. 
We encourage working, active partnerships with staff, family, and the community. 
We recognize strengths, capabilities and special needs. 
We emphasize cooperation.


SHS Theory of Action:

Stanwood High School is a comprehensive high school that makes a difference in students’ lives by building relationships between students, staff, parents and community while:

  • Connecting student learning to their future endeavors,
  • Creating a positive classroom environment focused on effective instruction, participation and collaboration,
  • Providing opportunities to experience and explore concepts.