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Stanwood High School Athletics

Eligibility Checklist / Sport Sign up Info


Aug. 17 - Football Practices
Nov. 1 - Winter Sports Signups Open
Feb. 1 - Spring Sports Signups Open


Aug. 16 - Football Practices



Baseball  3:00 - 5:30pm,  Baseball field

Softball  2:30 - 5:30,  Softball field

Boys Golf  3:00 - 5:30,  Camaloch

Girls Golf  3:00 - 5:00,  Camaloch

Boys Soccer  3:00 - 5:00,  Multipurpose field

Girls Tennis  2:45 - 4:45,  Tennis courts

Track & Field  2:40 - 4:45,  Stadium


Online Sports Sign-Ups:

Skyward Family Access Link

You will access the online Athletic Participation Packet by logging into Family Access. You must use the Parent Login in order to access the packet. The Student Login will not work. If you have not signed up for Family Access or you do not know your Parent Login, please contact Grace Renee Herigstad at 360-629-1313 to set up your account. This applies to home schooled athletes and private school athletes as well. To get to Family Access, log onto the Stanwood High School webpage, click on "For Families" and click on "Family and Student Access" in the drop down menu.

Make sure you have a hard copy of a physical on file in the athletic office prior to the first day of turnout.

If you are new to the school district, please complete this SHS Online Enrollment form. And be sure to download the WIAA New Student Packet in Step #9, fill it out completely, and turn it in to the athletic office.

Both you and your athlete will be required to electronically sign these forms. Please make sure you select a sport in step #10.

If you are signing up through family access for the first time, log in to Family Access you will see an announcement "An Online Form is now available to fill out", or you can click on Online Forms in the menu bar. Click on the blue "Fill Out Online Form" link.

Choose Step #1 in the menu bar on the right hand side to get started. You will have to complete Step #1 before it will let you move to Step #2. Please read the directions listed at the beginning of each step before starting that step.

Once you have opened the form, please click on the "View Full Screen" button to make it easier to navigate. When you are in a form, but aren't finished, if you click on the "Exit Full Screen" button it will save what you have entered.

When you have completed each step, make sure to click the blue button at the top of the page "Complete Step 1 Move to Step 2" that will take you to the next step. You have to actually open each form before you will be allowed to go forward. PLEASE NOTE the recommended method to complete these forms is on a desktop.

Step #10 is the Athletic Participation Acknowledgement Form. Please make sure to choose a sport and that you are choosing the high school sports season (not middle school).

Once you have completed all the Steps 1-10, Step 11 will verify that everything is complete and then you will be able to click on Submit Athletic Participation Packet." This will send you an email confirming that your application has been completed. You will receive a confirmation email even if you have not selected a sport so please make sure you have selected a sport in step 10.

  • Athletes will be required to pay a participation fee. The fee must be paid when the athlete makes the team and prior to the day of the first competition. Students will also be required to purchase an ASB card. We recommend purchasing the ASB card at the beginning of the school year to take full advantage of its benefits. Students with an ASB card can get into events at the high school free or at a discounted rate.

  • Please turn in a completed physical form from you physician. Physicals are good for two years. Incoming freshman must confirm their physicals are still valid and have been received by the high school athletic department. Stop by or call the athletic department to verify if your physical is still valid. Physicals must state student is clear to participate in sports, and be turned in before the first day of tryouts.
    Sports Physical Form

  • All athletes must maintain passing grades and have above a 2.0 GPA, as determined by the school district, in a minimum of 5 classes in a 6 period class schedule or the equivalent credits to be considered a full-time student and be eligible to participate.

  • Home schooled, Running Start, Private School and Lincoln Hill students must complete the WIAA contract from step #1 and bring it to the athletic office. Home School and Private School students must be registered in the District and have an Intent to Home School and/or Ancillary Form on file and provide a copy of grades to the athletic office.

**For athletes purchasing insurance through the school program, Student insurance applications go directly to the company. Please allow three weeks for your Insurance Verification card. Coverage does not start until the forms have been processed through the company. You cannot turn out without insurance.

Please read all attached forms. Each sport has a release form that is specific to that sport. Please make sure you read your sports release form. Please read the following: