Scholarship Info


February 1 -- Application period opens
February 13 --Sign Up in Counseling Office for transcript to be emailed to you
March 11 -- Scholarship Application Submission DEADLINE, 12:00 am (midnight)
May 10 -- Invitations to Scholarship Night mailed to scholarship recipients
August 15 -- Deadline for student submission of scholarship claim forms & thank you notes
August 15-30  -- Scholarship checks mailed to schools (unless indicated funds are needed sooner)

Click the link below for the 2024 Local Scholarship Presentation:
Stanwood Camano Area Foundation

Link to SCAF Website

Skagit Valley College Financial Aid Workshops:
Click this LINK for English/Spanish flyers


NEW Scholarships from the Counseling Office Link!

Click below for a fillable pdf letter of recommendation:
Requesting a Letter of Recommendation 2021

The SchoolHouse Connection Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program
Application Opens: June 12, 2023
Application Closes: November 24, 2023
Applicants Notified: January 15-19, 2024

B. Davis Scholarship
Deadline: 05/21/2024

Cascade Warbirds 2024 Aviation Scholarship Program
Deadline: 2/29/24

Big Sun Athletics
Deadline: 06/19/24

CWU Scholarships
Deadline: 03/01/2024

Smart Choices Scholarship Program
Deadline: 03/15/2024

Providence General Children's Association Scholarships
Deadline: 03/29/2024

American  Indian Endowed Scholarship Program
Deadline: 03/01/2024

SVC Foundation Scholarship
Deadline: 03/05/2024

2024 Skagit Farmers Supply Scholarship
Deadline: 04/01/2024

Cascadia Eye Excellence in Education Scholarship
Deadline: 04/01/2024

Austin Esary Foundation Grants/Scholarships
Deadline: 04/01/2024

Arlington Garden Club Scholarship
Application PAGE 1 & PAGE 2
Deadline: 04/15/2024

Student-View Scholarship Program
Deadline: 04/23/2024

Abbott & Fenner Scholarships
Deadline: 06/07/2024

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship
Deadline: 02/29/2024

Puget Sounds Anglers Scholarship
Deadline: 04/15/2024

Sea Mar Community Health Scholarships
Sea Mar Flyer
Sea Mar Flyer - Spanish
Deadline: 04/15/2024

NROTC Scholarship

American Legion Auxiliary
Evergreen Girls State & Scholarship Opportunity

Whitworth College Bound Scholarship & Promise

Incredible Health Nursing Scholarships  

Elks Vocational Grants
Deadline: 03/01/2024

Island County Master Gardener Foundation Scholarship 2024
Deadline: 03/31/2024 

Washington State School Retirees' Association Scholarship Program
Deadline: 04/01/2024

Sno-Isle School Retirees Association Scholarship
Deadline: 04/15/2024


Scholarship Programs available to Washington Students -
visit Student Scholarships and search for the following titles, or use this DIRECTORY:

ELCA Fund for Leaders Scholarship (deadline: 02/23/2024)
MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge (deadline: 02/23/2024)
PLAY Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship (deadline: 02/26/2024)
Back and Better Scholarship (deadline: 02/28/2024)
Coast Guard Exchange Scholarship Program (deadline: 02/28/2024)
DAV Scholarships (deadline: 02/28/2024)
The Place You Go Scholarship (deadline: 02/28/2024)
Common App Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Harold Rothman Business Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
BMW Engineering Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Murray Rossen Criminal Justice Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Jack Terry Memorial Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Tau Beta Pi Engineering Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Fred M. Young Sr. Engineering Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Dan and Vicky Hancock Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Military Benefits Association Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Women's Cyber Security Scholarships (deadline: 02/29/2024)
KFC Foundation Scholarships (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Information Security Undergraduate Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Donald and Barbara Mozley Scholarship (deadline: 02/29/2024)
Tall Clubs International Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Elizabeth Garde National Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Children of Warriors National Presidents' Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
FCCLA Memorial Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Cancer Unwrapped Teen Writing Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Eagle Scout of the Year Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Daughters of American Agriculture Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
American Chemical Society Scholars Program (deadline: 03/01/2024)
National Italian American Foundation Scholarships (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Scholarships (deadline: 03/01/2024)
American Welding Society National Scholarships (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Never Give Up Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Klenk Law Community Leadership Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
SEG Scholarships (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Experimental Aircraft Association Scholarships (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Gallery Collection's Greeting Card Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Engebretson Foundation Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Spirit of Youth Scholarship (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Life Lessons Scholarship Program (deadline: 03/01/2024)
Science Without Borders Scholarship Challenge (deadline: 03/04/2024)
Hunt Heroes Foundation Scholarship Program (deadline: 03/05/2024)
World of 8 Billion Video Scholarship Contest (deadline: 03/05/2024)
Law School Opportunity Scholarship (deadline: 03/07/2024)
WWGF Foundation Scholarships (deadline: 03/08/2024)
Connex Foundation Scholarship (deadline: 03/10/2024)
Army ROTC Scholarships (deadline: 03/11/2024)
Microsoft Disability Scholarship (deadline: 03/13/2024)
Blacks at Microsoft Scholarships (deadline: 03/13/2024)
FEEA Scholarships (deadline: 03/14/2024)
Navy League Foundation Scholarships (deadline: 03/15/2024)
9/11 Promise Scholarship (deadline: 03/15/2024)
Joieful Connections Scholarship (deadline: 03/21/2024)
Stossel in the Classroom Scholarship (deadline: 03/22/2024)
Becca's Closet Scholarships (deadline: 03/29/2024)
Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting Scholarships (deadline: 03/30/2024)
SUVCW Scholarships (deadline: 03/31/2024)
Unboxing Your Life Scholarship (deadline: 03/31/2024)
Latino Actuaries Scholarship Program (deadline: 03/31/2024)
Peace of Mind Scholarship (deadline: 03/31/2024)
Optimist International Oratorical Contest (deadline: 03/31/2024)
Kochhar & Co. Chartered Professional Accountant (deadline: 03/31/2024)
Robert G. Porter Scholars Program (deadline: 03/31/2024)
Heavy Equipment Parts Express Scholarship (deadline: 04/01/2024)
Jack & Julie Narcolepsy Scholarship (deadline: 04/01/2024)
American Nuclear Society Scholarship (deadline: 04/01/2024)
Young Women in Public Affairs Award (deadline: 04/01/2024)
American Foreign Service Association Scholarship (deadline: 04/01/2024)
Army Scholarship Foundation Scholarships (deadline: 04/15/2024)
Pretty Presets Scholarship (deadline: 04/15/2024)
Global Lift Equipment Scholarship (deadline: 04/15/2024)
National Dairy Shrine Scholarships (deadline: 04/15/2024)
NDTA Scholarship Program (deadline: 04/15/2024)
Tech Mastery Scholarship (deadline: 04/15/2024)
Shinoda Foundation Scholarship (deadline: 04/25/2024)
Boomer Esiason Foundation Scholarships (deadline: 04/26/2024)
Lift Parts Express Scholarship (deadline: 04/30/2024)
ASHRAE High School Senior Scholarships (deadline: 05/01/2024)
Review It Scholarship (deadline: 05/15/2024)

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